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Striding Edge twice in one week

What a difference 5 or 6 days can make with the weather. Last Sunday I decided to get up early and try capture early morning sunrise on Striding Edge. Setting the alarm for 0215hrs I made good time in getting to Glenridding. The temperature on the car was saying -5 and with clear skies above me It was looking good for the sunrise. But by the time I got to Hole in the wall the clouds rolled in with the mist just as sunrise was approaching. The ridge was like sheet of glas

My last Adventures before Lockdown 3

Before we went into Lockdown 3 I managed to get out over the Lake District and to do some amazing routes in winter conditions. My favourite time of year for walking is the winter totally love being in the mountains when they have there winter coats on. What I have put together in this blog is the routes, pictures and video links to these amazing days out that I had. Striding Edge My first winter route was Striding Edge over in the Helvellyn range, this route is must in the w

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