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Sharp Edge With Morning Sunrise and wild Camp Scales Tarn (18/09/2020)

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

After deciding last minute to go wild camping it was bit of rush to get packed and to get over to the lakes. Arriving at the carpark at Scales I quickly got my kit loaded up and made my way up the path towards Scales Fell the path is steady and you make height quickly. I decided to part jog most of this part as I had limited day light to get to the Tarn. The weather was amazing and visibility was good as well. Once you cross the stream Scales Beck this leads you onto Scales Tarn and what amazing place this is for wild camp. You are also well protected from the wind if anything is coming from the west.

Once my camp was set up it was time for cup of tea and some dinner, I was also joined by some other wild campers who went swimming in the Tarn as they arrived so if you guys are reading this it was nice to meet you.

I was in the land of nod after about 2300hrs and the temperature dropped a lot after 0200hrs hours but my Alpkit sleeping bag kept me nice and toast through out the night.

My alarm went off for 0530hrs got the Primus stove on the go made some breakfast, It's always struggle to get out of nice warm sleeping bag when its pitch black outside, but I knew I had to put the effort in for the Sunrise that was about to come up.

Once my kit was sorted I was making my way up to start of Sharp Edge with my head torch all I had with me was jacket, water and some food all which was in my camera bag. On reaching the start the light was starting light up the ridge above me and nice yellow and blue colours started to fill the sky I clicked on my GoPro and start the walk.

The ridge was nice and dry with little wind perfect conditions for crossing Sharp Edge I always try and stick to the crest of the ridge there are plenty of paths to the side but the exposure comes and goes, this is great grade 1 scramble for anyone looking to have go at there 1st grade one ridge. If you are unsure or need guidance hire Mountain Leader to help you across.

The ridge does get narrow in places with some good bit of exposure on both sides, once at the bad step take your time and just concentrate on where you are putting your hands and feet and will take your mind off the exposure around you.

Once pass the bad step its steady scramble up to the top, this section needs good route finding from the start further right you go and you have some easier route section.

Once on the top its short walk to the summit of Blencathra from here you have many routes back down.

My chosen route was back to the Tarn which was only 20mins away, once back at camp it was time for cup of tea and to pack away my tent and sort out my rucksack, the morning now was beautiful and was so peace full next to the tarn.

Being outdoors in the mountains can help with your mental health and improve your wellbeing I hope this inspires other people to go walking and wild camping in the mountains it's amazing place to be.

Full video of this walk is on my YouTube channel

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