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Seat Sandal Wild Camp with Amazing Sun rise 7/08/2020

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

Sitting in the car park of Booth's of Penrith and having picked up my supplies for the night I just could not make up my mind on where to go, looking at my 1,40,000 map you are just spoiled for choice when you go wild camping in the lake District It was between Thirlmere and going back up to Honister and going up Robinson I wanted to get some height quickly so I could camp on summit after having good look at Grisedale Tarn my mind was made up Thirlmere it was going to be.

After getting parked in lay by I got my gear together and set off up path towards Rise Beck after about 400m the path spilt one headed up the stream the other up to the summit of Seat Sandal I choice the latter as I had never been on this summit before. The path does get steep at first and with camera, tripod and overnight kit it was good walk up with heavy pack.

Once onto the summit I was still undecided on where to camp for the night do I descend onto Grisedale Tarn or go on to Dollywaggon Pike, after having five minutes on the summit my mind was made up after spotting small area of grass just behind the summit and behind stone wall this was going to be my home for the night.

Setting up the tent was difficult due to the rocks and stone's under the grass so if you do camp here you will need to search around for good tent peg hold or use heavy stone's which are everywhere on the floor.

After setting up the Go Pro and getting some good time lapse of the clouds coming over it was time for some dinner and cup of tea, I also managed to get some good pictures with my DSLR camera from the tripod. Once the sun had set it was time for the land of nod the wind had dropped right off and even though I was at 736m there was very little wind to keep me awake.

I was awoken at 0345 by some people chatting walking past my tent I opened the tent door and noticed very little glow over to the east with clear sky's I new what was coming for sun rise but when it finally did come over St Sunday Crag and Fairfield it was one of the most amazing sun rise's I have every seen.

This was just the beginning it just got better and better.

All I could do was watch this amazing sunrise with cup of tea and enjoy

Once I managed to stop taking pictures and enjoying the sunrise I had some breakfast and dropped the tent and got packed up for the descent back to the car.

Once I started to pack up there was few runners out who where attempting Bob Graham this must been who woken me earlier in the morning while running past the tent I could also see light flashing from head torches around Dollywaggon pike after I had got up at about 0400hrs.

My pack was lot lighter on the descent and only took just under hour to get back to the car, this was amazing night on Seat Sandal and sunrise I will not forget in hurry.

If you wild camp please remember to leave no trace

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