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Great Gable via Eagle's Nest Gully Grade 2 (27/09/2020)

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Starting from Seathwaite made my way up to the very beautiful Sty Head Tarn stopping here for some food and managed to get good shot of the tarn as well. From here I took the path leading onto Napes Needle this route has some amazing views looking down to Wasdale with Great Gable directly above you. The path is exposed in areas and some scrambling is required along the route.

My plan for today was to get view from summit of Great Gable this is something I have never got before, after many visits to the summit I had never had view.

Before long Napes Needle came into view and looked amazing our plan next was to stop get our helmets on and thread the needle which is basically going between Napes Needle and Needle Ridge there is shelf at the top which you then descend down the other side.

Once nearing the top there were other climbers above me belaying and going up Needle ridge so I decided to down climb and give them space to climb and belay.

Once round the other side we got onto the climbers traverse route which brings you over to Eagle's Nest Gully this is the route we took to get up to summit of Great Gable, this route proved to be amazing with some good dose's of exposure in places. The rock and scree were lose in some areas so care must be taken not to slip or send rocks crashing down on someone below.

The views we had were amazing and the weather was also on our side for this trip. The view of the Sphinx stone was amazing and something I will not forget.

The Gully joins Arrowhead ridge which then leads you onto Westmorland Crag the views looking back to Wasdale were out of this world.

From here we made our way to the Summit of Great Gable and final got the view I had wanted, I could see for miles with the Lakelands all around me it was time to take it all in.

From here it was back down past Windy Gap and down the lose scree back to Styhead Tarn.

This has to be one of the best scrambling route's in the lakes, it starts just past the stretcher box and does not finish until you reach the summit. I was joined today by Liam good friend and fellow Mountain Leader. When scrambling today we kept good distance apart at all times due to the lose rocks and scree and used helmet for most of the route.

Full Scramble is on my YouTube channel

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Feb 17, 2021

You have no idea how much pleasure I have got from watching you utube video of Great Gable via the traverse and Eagle's Nest Gully. I did the walk/scramble almost 60 years ago when I was young and daft with my sister and her boyfriend. We did not 'thread the needle' but went below it, up the scree in Needle Gully to the 'dress circle' and then somehow went wrong. We were supposed to continue past the Sphinx Rock to Little Hell Gate and up the scree there, but my sister (I think) set off up the nearest gully and we followed. I have had my doubts over the years as to whether it was Eagles Nest Gully, doubting whether…

Mar 11, 2021
Replying to

Now that's one i would love to do , Amazing that . Thanks Darran & Liam

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