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Fleetwith Pike Wild Camp (31/07/2020)

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

This was late Friday afternoon decision to go wild camping in the lakes given how busy the lakes were going to be due to having one of the hottest day's of the year I wanted to find somewhere out of the way. The plan was to go and wild camp on the summit of Fleetwith Pike this was one of my wild camp's I have had on my bucket list for while.

After getting parked at Honister I got my gear together and set off for the trail that takes you past the slate mines and onto Honister Quarries they was quite bit of wind walking up here so at this point I was undecided on where to go, this is great thing about wild camping you are not tied down to one location or have to make check in time. With the summit of Fleetwith Pike only 1 km away from me now I decided to go up and have look and see if I could get me tent out of the wind plus I wanted to see the view over Buttermere from here.

Just below the summit they was good spot and just out of the wind which was hitting the westerly side of the mountain, they was one other tent up here all ready it was lad called Steve we had good chat and he was also fellow blogger and Veteran had been out on the mountains for the past three days.

Once I got set up and had some dinner the weather started to change and low clouds started to come across the mountain this also brought some wind and rain for the evening. I decided to get some sleep and set my alarm for 0445 to see if the weather was any better for the sun rise.

They was some good breaks early morning and I managed to snap this picture before the weather turned again for my descent back to the car. I did enjoy the return trip to the car as it made me get the map out and check my location, visibility was down to about 20m in some areas so care was needed given that some areas of Fleetwith Pike have some big drop off's down to valley floor below. Once at the slate mines the path/road was easy route back down to the car.

Really enjoyed getting out again and managing to tick off Fleetwith Pike with wild camp was amazing.

If you are wild camping remember to leave no trace

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